Our 24 hours operation includes consistent customer care relations, a dynamic sales team and a dedicated operation teams.


Security24 is a leading security solutions company based in Nairobi Kenya. We provide expertise in every area of security and our staff is available for full time, part-time, or emergency need coverage, always ready to provide “Round the clock security”.

We understand that each client is unique, requiring customized security solutions for their specific needs.  Our managers and instructors train and prepare our guards to the highest industry standards guaranteeing that they meet the most stringent and demanding professional qualifications.Security24 is a subsidiary of Homes Universal Limited, the leading real estate consortium in Kenya.

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  • Event security services
  • Fire protection and safety solutions
  • Facilities management
  • Security training services
  • Value adding risk assessment
  • On-site security survey and audit
  • Private investigation


  • Access control systems
  • Integrated CCTV systems
  • Metal scanners
  • Radio communication
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Electric fencing
  • Turnstile, Barriers & Bollards
  • UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System)

Guarding Services

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Supervision

Security24 Ltd offers a wide array of specialized services delivered by a team of experienced security specialists. We focus on providing quality product offerings and we always aim to establish long lasting relationships and strategic partnerships with our clients.

Our 24hour operations include consistent Customer Care Relations, a dynamic Sales Team and a dedicated Operations Team. Our future strategy is to deepen our regional delivery by opening branches across Kenya and the region as a whole


Development of surveillance & protection systems for homes or offices with any level of complexity.

Our Security Equipment Store

Security24 has a wide range of products that can be purchased on our store page. 

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we have thousands of clients ranging from:

Commercial Enterprises

Residentials Properties

Government Institutions


Security24 Ltd offers professional specialized services delivered by a team of robustly experienced security specialists. With a wealth of professionals adept in CCTV surveillance, electric fencing, investigation, security surveys and audits. We always aim to establish long lasting relationships and strategic partnerships with our clients.

Some of our clients


Our tailored manned guarding solutions have been specifically designed for the Construction, Commercial and Corporate sectors. We provide highly visible and extremely effective physical deterrents to protect clients’ valuables and property against theft, damage and other undesireable incidents. We additionally have the required mechanisms and ability to react to and resolve security issues in immediately

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Facility Management

Security 24 offers facility management services  such as cleaning and office services to electrical and mechanical maintenance, our experienced staff enable you to relax and focus on your core business.

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